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Vision and Change in the Geosciences
Shaping the Future of Graduate Geoscience Education

Vision and Change in the Geosciences

Shaping the Future of Graduate Geoscience Edcuation

Since 2018 over 300 geoscientists in the academic and employer communities collectively developed a vision for the future of geoscience graduate education, inclusive of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences. This comprehensive report builds on Vision and Change in the Geosciences: The Future of Undergraduate Geoscience Education and articulates that vision and identifies strategies for transformative change in graduate geoscience education.

  • Why change is necessary for long-term growth and future of the geoscience profession.
  • The interface and current state of the geoscience work and graduate education/enrollments.
  • Universal skills and competencies graduate students need to be successful in future careers.
  • How to integrate these skills and competencies into graduate geoscience programs and improve mentoring.
  • Ways to foster and implement changes to graduate education, along with case studies.
  • The important roles of external stakeholders (employers, alumni, professional societies, and funding agencies).

Access the full text of the final report or download a PDF or purchase a print copy.


Summary recommendations from the project to Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric departments


A bibliography of all works cited within the report and a useful reading list for leaders.