Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Findings and Recommendations

Section 1. Call for Action

Why do geoscience graduate programs need to consider change.

Section 2. Process Summary: Summit, Workshops, Survey

How the information for this report was gathered.

Section 3. Graduate Programs and their Interface to Geoscience Work

An exploration of the results of surveys conducted in support of the project which examine the structure, nature, and expectations within geoscience graduate programs in the United States. Also a look at the geoscience labor market and how it has been evolving and what those implications are for graduate programs.

Section 4. Skills Framework

What are the skills and competencies needed by graduate students to be successful across the spectrum of geoscience careers.

Section 5. Organizational Framework for GraduateĀ Programs

How do these recommendations fit within the graduate programs such that they maximize the potential for success.

Section 6. Fostering and Implementing Change

Change is hard, especially within an organization that has many different stakeholders and priorities. A suite of well-defined strategies for promoting and implementing change within higher education are detailed.

Section 7. Fostering Change in Academic Communities: Case Studies

Learn about the victories and challenges faced by colleagues in implementing change within their graduate program during the course of this project so that you might identify key pathways to success within your organization.


Appendix A. Individual Development Plan for Graduate Students

Appendix B. Individual Development Plan Outline

Appendix C. Participating Employers and Universities